An Update: 5.23.2017


Greetings from my desk in Tokyo, Japan!

Summer is quickly approaching, and soon it will be raining cats and dogs here. Right now, though, it’s a sunny and balmy 80°

Life in Japan doesn’t seem to be much different from life in the US to me. Everything just feels normal. It isn’t until I take a moment to define what exactly I mean by “normal” that I start to see how different everything really is. We still have dinner, but it’s not often what we would consider “American”. Sometimes, it’s even […]

Almost 2 months in, and my phone breaks.


Today I intended to write an update. Today, I had plans of coming home from our Sunday afternoon stroll along the river next to our home, sitting down, and writing a fantastic update about all the wonderful things we’ve experienced, the challenges we’ve faced, and our daily joys and struggles since coming to Japan. I still plan to do that, but first let me tell you about my night.


6PM – I set dinner down on the table and begin eating, only to realize the package of soft, squishy noodles that I used actually […]

“Halloween’s Over” or “Be Not Afraid!”


“Halloween is Over” or “Be Not Afraid”

Halloween has come and gone.

The empty monster suits are on clearance. The fake blood and sugar comas are all deeply discounted. The spider webs and toilet paper trees are giving way to twinkling lights and colorful hanging globes because, you know, Christmas season starts October 31st at 11:59 PM. We are moving past this season of fear and moving into a season of love and joy and warm fireside cups of hot cocoa. Some of us like […]

UPDATE 9/30/15 “One Year In”



What!? Has it really been a year already?

Looking back through our records, in the middle of September of last year we were being introduced as an official missions family of our home church. This was the beginning of our journey to find people with a heart for missions, or for Japan, or for us as a family, or all three together! And we certainly have found those. Every one of you who has followed God’s call to partner with our ministry in Japan has added so much to our ability to be effective […]