“Halloween’s Over” or “Be Not Afraid!”


“Halloween is Over” or “Be Not Afraid”

Halloween has come and gone.

The empty monster suits are on clearance. The fake blood and sugar comas are all deeply discounted. The spider webs and toilet paper trees are giving way to twinkling lights and colorful hanging globes because, you know, Christmas season starts October 31st at 11:59 PM. We are moving past┬áthis season of fear and moving into a┬áseason of love and joy and warm fireside cups of hot cocoa. Some of us like […]

“See Price in Cart” or “The True Cost of Discipleship”


Have you ever been shopping for a big ticket item online?

You see all the advertisements for “Super deals” and “slashed prices” and other gimmicky draws. You float around to websites checking for deals, you see prices on just about all of them, but sometimes you come to a special deal that’s SO good they can’t even tell you about it! This deal is so special you actually have to pretend to buy it before you can see how much it is. “Just “add to cart” and we’ll clue you in on just how super […]