The Mission

The Mission

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” There’s no doubt in our minds that God has called us to reach the people of Japan.

The work of the Gospel is exhaustive. Every where you look there are people hungry, lonely, hurting, broken, breaking, depressed, rejected. To look at the entirety of fallen humanity can be demoralizing and feel hopeless. For us, God has given us vision for Japan.

Japan is a land of spiritual darkness. We often forget that a modern, technologically advanced, well-educated society can be steeped in spiritual darkness, living day after day without hope. Yet this is the case for the vast majority of Japanese, actually 99.7%! Whether worshiping in the cultural tradition of Shintoism where nature, numerous gods and ancestors are worshiped or adhering to the empty philosophies of Buddhism, the Japanese are not finding answers of hope.

Japan has a population of 127,000,000. Out of those millions, only .3% consider themselves Evangelical Christians. Less than half a percent! This makes them the second largest unreached people group in the world. It is estimated that every 15 minutes someone in Japan commits suicide. They can even be as young as six years old. The pressure to succeed and conform has left gaping holes in many Japanese that they fill with alcohol, sexual deviancy, and rampant materialism.

But God is slowly making space for himself in Japan. Facebook and the internet have made the world a smaller place. The youth of Japan are seeing that there are different ways to live, and recognizing that what their parents thought would make them happy, didn’t. And they are looking for more.

This is the mission God has called us to. Tracy and I will be partnering long term with TEAM and our local church to help create culturally relevant churches within this new generation and beyond. We hope to use our gifts in the arts and our creativity to reach out and share the gospel, and to build discipleship groups to train strong Japanese Christians with a heart for spreading the kingdom of God.

The Great Commission takes all kinds of people to happen! How great that God gives us each a role in reaching the nations with his good news. We need you to come alongside us and partner with us in God’s plans for Japan and his people there. We need your support, both in prayer and finances, to realize our ministry and financial goals. Would you consider partnering with us in order to reach this new generation of Japanese with the love of Christ?