UPDATE: 7-1-15


Summer is upon us! Or is it spring…

…the giant outpouring of the heavens outside my window makes me wonder? Either way this is the day the Lord made, and I will celebrate to the sound of raindrops and occasional thunderclaps.

So before we get started on this update, we want to say “Thank You”.

°     °     °

We are so thankful for all of you that have committed to giving monthly towards our ministry and God’s goal for Japan. Your faithfulness, support, and encouragement have been so very motivating for us in this journey towards Japan. We continue to pray for you, asking that God would richly bless you in whatever way He thinks best. For some of you that may be financially, for others it may be an emotional blessing, for all of you I hope it is a spiritual blessing that reveals more of God’s character to you as you follow his leading.

For those of you who gave special gifts, thank you for investing in our family! Those gifts will be used to fly our family on the same plane when the time comes, and make it so that we can bring some pieces of home with us. They go towards the daunting task of helping us learn the language and culture through classes, and will help to ease the transition to a different culture and country by helping us to create a home there. We pray the same things for you, that God would bless, encourage, and grow you as you seek to follow him.

Last and certainly not least we thank our prayer partners; without you this would be a lonely and extremely daunting undertaking. We feel the prayers of the saints as we wrestle with hard decisions and surprises, and take strength and encouragement from your intercession. In so many ways the act of speaking with God on behalf of another is it’s own reward, but we also pray that God would show His blessings to you in a myriad number of ways, to encourage and lift you up as you stand in the gap for others.

You are loved!

°     °     °45percentthumb

Things are going well for us, if a little slowly. We’ve come up several percentages over the last month and we thank God for that provision. I updated our progress page with a new “45%” graphic! That’s a 6% boost from last time I updated! We continue to seek God in how best to call people to their part in the great commission.

Ella has finished first grade with top marks! Beginning some time this summer we will be homeschooling her for 2nd grade using a curriculum the TEAMJapan Educational Coordinator recommended called “Sonlight”. It is a reading curriculum, and with her love of reading we think Ella will do great with it.

On the horizon, we will be making a trip all the way across the country to begin conversations with churches in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. July 22-August 11 we will be meeting with churches and individuals to prayerfully continue to raise support. This is a big scary step and we are praying that God continues to show Himself on our behalf. We are asking for prayer that God would make new contacts even in the next few weeks and while we are there, that we would find favor with churches and individuals, and that God would create many opportunities to find partners for our ministry. Also, we were planning on staying at a friends empty apartment during our stay, but that possibility has fallen through, so we are looking for alternatives. Plane tickets and rental cars are pricey enough so we would love to find someplace where we can stay for free, possibly with one of the churches we will be meeting with or however God chooses to fill that need. Please pray for accommodations to come our way! Also, if you feel led, you can give towards our expenses for this trip by visiting our GIVING page and writing “Cali trip” in the note area, by dropping it in the plate at Union Center with “Chris and Tracy Cali Trip” written in the memo, or by more traditional means like cutting holes in books and hiding it for a stealthy hand-off, or baking your donation in loaves of bread! However the Lord leads ;D

Preparing to head to Japan is proving to be a lengthy and trying process, but we are beginning to suspect that God is teaching us persistence, patience, and endurance through it all because they are attributes we will need to use regularly in life in another country. Pray that our hearts would continue to be opened to God’s working and shaping while we wait, and while we pursue Japan.

Many Blessings,
The Pousseur Family


3 responses on “UPDATE: 7-1-15

  1. Linda Rudd says:

    Congrats on your support increase! I’m so excited to see it and will be praying for your Cali trip.

    Persistence, patience, and endurance are definitely three qualities you will need as missionaries in Japan. God does use this time for your training and growth. Not one lesson will be wasted. So yes, praying for you during this time as well.

    God bless!

  2. patti schanz says:

    Gary and I will bne praying for you.

  3. Ken & Barbara Beck says:

    Definitely praying for all your needs. As the most urgent at this time is getting to Ca. and a place to stay and support & prayer partners we will definitely be praying in these areas. So encouraged to hear how God is leading and teaching you as a family. Love you all

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